How to Dry Your Woods by Yourself

If you are working with your next woodworking project, then it’s about time that you consider using log kiln this time around considering the benefits that it can offer you. You can either buy or kiln-dry your own wood at the comfort of your own home. If you choose the latter, then here are some tips that you should always keep in mind:

Make sure that you choose the perfect location

In stacking, you need to make sure that you will be able to stack up to the woods in an appropriate location. And by that, make sure that there is enough space where the light breeze could come in and out. Choose a shady location as much as possible. Do not stack it in your garage because the breeze there is not enough to provide the airflow that your woods need and most certainly not in your basement either. Making sure that in the initial phase of your drying process you will reach about 16% of the decrease in the level of moisture content is a great indication that your wood is drying accordingly.

Target a specific percentage of the moisture content

In the next step that you are going to perform, the moisture content of your wood should be at least in about 9% only in order to prevent distortion in the wood during the dry season in your area. Aside from stacking it in an appropriate location, you should also make sure that you store your wood in your old barn, where you’ll make sure that it is not that heated. You should provide all your wood the amount of time, heat, and air that they are going to need in order to dry properly. It will eventually depend on the thickness of the wood, therefore, make sure that you don’t rush things out.

Making sure that all of the sides of the wood are exposed

The key to having an even dried wood is making sure that all of the sides of the woods are exposed in order to make sure that they all receive the same amount of heat, air, and time that they need in order to dry. Leave it for a couple of days, you could also place your electric fan just in front of them and make sure that all of the areas are being hit by the wind. You could make them stand up in order to expose all sides of the wood.

Patience in waiting

You should learn how to wait as long as possible. Therefore, you should star drying your woods ahead of time in order to make sure that you have plenty of time in drying it thoroughly. Aside from other factors that we have mentioned above, the time is the most important one that you should consider.

Drying your wood takes a lot of time, patience, and of course knowledge of how to do it properly. If you wanted to have wood dry kiln as good as you can see on sale, it’s either you buy it or dry it yourself. Both of the options work fine, so make sure to keep all tips in mind.

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